Fujitsu Siemens LifeBook P7230 [Full HD]

LCD: LED, 10. 1" (16:9) 1280x768, CPU: Intel Core Duo U2500, RAM: 2048MB DDR2, HDD: 60GB 1. 8", VGA: Intel GMA 950, Optical: slim internal DVDRW Stacked Review: h.

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what discredit or model of laptop that is unltraportable and has a builtin camera and mic?


preferably with protection not larger than 12". . my choice are the fujitsu lifebook t4215, p7120, and p7230. but the three don't have any mic so yeah, i'm looking for something like the fujitsu (they're lightweight) but with mic and cam.08/06/07

Laptops & Notebooks: Mould: Sony VAIO TZ . Screen Size: 11. 1 inches. Processor Options: Core 2 Duo. Graphics Options: Integrated. Explanation: The Sony VAIO TZ is an 11. 1" ultraportable notebook.

where do they merchandise the best laptops?


Ive been patchy to by a laptop for a while now. but everywhere i go all the laptops are like 12 inche cover. is there any place on line or not where they sell mini laptops or notebooks. but something like an 8.08/19/07

Laptops & Notebooks: The only bigger brand is the Fujitsu LifeBook P7230 at 10. 6 in. it has an optical move. Smaller than that and you are talking PDAs and phones.

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