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Fujitsu T5010 Review article Part 1

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Fujitsu LifeBook T5010 Cavalcade

) Mean and Build. The LifeBook T5010 has a solid design. The chassis is brawny and it doesn't feel cheap. It has a sleek appearance, but nothing take it or high-gloss like with HP tablets. It converts to memorial mode easily and only weighs in around 4. 5lbs. It has that simplistic bear to it. Great for taking notes and browsing the Web, very going. It has a good variety of features, but the price may need to jilt a little more to entice consumers. However, I think the T1010, the T5010's cosset brother, is focused more toward the consumer market.

HP EliteBook 2730p vs. Fujitsu Lifebook T5010

Now that I have both (for now), it's moment for an in-depth face-off between two great convertible tablets from the Penryn Insides 2 Duo generation. Both feel pretty sturdy to me, being largely made out of magnesium diminish and all. The screens also wobble only slightly in slate mode, albeit a bit less on the T5010. Also, while the T5010's manually rotated lid latch (for converting to slate configuration) seems like a potential weak spot, it stays in station very solidly. The 2730p has a few exposed sharp edges throughout the lid's hinge, with this metal part flanking the hinge itself. Both have very indomitable swivel hinges with no.


nb tablet fujitsu lifebook i7 t900 t5010 from FCC
nb tablet fujitsu lifebook i7 t900 t5010 (C) Fujitsu
nb tablet fujitsu lifebook i7 t900 t5010 (C) Fujitsu





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